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Bottle Feeding

Many parents end up bottle feeding, whether it’s using expressed breast milk in combination with breastfeeding or solely using formula. There are so many different shapes and styles of baby bottles, along with a wide range of accessories to aid parents and guardians whether they’re at home or on the go.

Baby bottles can be designed with different primary functions in mind, some have anti colic vents to help reduce the likelihood of trapped wind, or are shaped with wide necks for easier filling or cleaning, or have unique shapes that are easier for babies to hold onto themselves.

Most bottles are made from plastics – and you need to make sure you’re getting BPA and phthalate free ones, but glass options are available for those who want to avoid plastic altogether.

Bottles have teats that are made from silicone or latex and in shapes designed to resemble that of a nipple to encourage babies to latch on naturally. Often it can be trial and error to work out what your baby prefers. The teats have different flow rates to adjust as your baby’s appetite grows and changes.

We recommend sterilising your baby bottles and teats every time they’re used, this can be done using a microwave or electric steriliser, or boiling water with tablets for when you’re out and about.

Purchasing a newborn set can often be a great way to start. They'll give you enough matching bottles and teats, along with extras like storage and sterilisers all in one handy purchase.

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