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Baby Monitors

At some point, you’re going to put your baby in their own room, and will still want to keep a close eye on them to make sure everything is okay; baby monitors give you the peace of mind that you can sleep more soundly, or get on with other things knowing you’ll be alerted if you’re needed.

The two biggest factors are whether it’s analogue or digital, and what type of monitoring you want. Analogue baby monitors are cheaper, but less common as they’re often more prone to interference. Digital monitors are clearer due to the advances in technology, with the best being DECT (Digital-Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication) which is interference free, but more expensive.

The simplest option is for audio monitoring where it’ll pick up sounds, with options for video to physically see them, or motion sensor mats that can check if there hasn’t been any movement of breathing for more than 20 seconds. Added features like temperature monitoring or talkback or light displays that can show how much noise is being made with the sound muted for in the day give you a lot of choices.

You’ll also want to consider the range. For example - will you want to use the monitor in the garden or just in the next room? Wi-fi capable baby monitors can allow you to have remote access to even check on smart devices or computers anywhere in the world.

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