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Ride On Toys & Walkers

One of a child’s biggest milestones is when they learn to take their first steps and start walking, and there’s no better way to encourage and support this than with ride on toys and baby walkers.

Baby walkers come in two types, seats with an activity tray that are on a frame with wheels for babies to sit and scoot around in, or traditional wooden ones shaped like carts with high handles that are designed specifically to support their weight as they learn to toddle whilst pushing them along.

You’ll want to consider how easy it is to get the baby in and out, how easy it’s going to be to clean and what variety of options you get on the activity tray like lights and sounds, spinning toys or some even are designed like car dashboards.

Ride on toys can come in a variety of shapes and sizes like animals or vehicles, and are powered by feet, whether it’s with pedals or just being pushed along. Whatever the style they’re low to the floor and very stable.

Whether you’re after a baby walker or a ride on toy, both are suitable for when a child is just on the cusp of being ready to walk, and they make excellent gift ideas.

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