Kiddy Kiddy Phoenixfix Pro 2 Group 1 Isofix Child Car Seat From £179.99
Kiddy Phoenixfix Pro 2 Group 1 Isofix Child Car Seat
Kiddy Phoenixfix Pro 2 Group 1 Isofix Child Car Seat
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The Kiddy Phoenixfix Pro 2 Car Seat is the result of years of seat manufacturing and expertise culminating in this fantastic group 1 car seat.

The Phoenixfix Pro 2 takes Kiddys format of safe, comfortable and premium quality impact shield car seats and pushes the boundaries once again. The seat features comfortable lateral headrests, which maintain occupant vision for exciting journeys, yet also provide support and comfort for rest times.

Those who are familiar with the Kiddy range will notice that the Phoenixfix Pro 2 features larger and newly designed shoulder cushions, aiming to provide maximum comfort and protection in one. The geometric design looks great, is exceptionally safe in an impact and features high performance energy absorbing materials in the event of an accident. The new seat geometry continues with the redesigned impact shield with improved absorbsion composition, validated with top test results throughout.

Yes the Phoenixfix Pro 2 is safe, but it has also been developed for comfort for your child as well as convenience for you. One handed headrest adjusters and adjustable seat height enable optimum seat position for longer journeys without taking so long you never get to where you're supposed to be going! The Kiddy seat can be installed with ISOFIX points, yet can also be fitted just as quickly with just the 3 point belt if another car the child is going to be travelling in does not have ISOFIX points. A simple procedure of retracting the K-fix connectors allows the seat to be fitted in almost any vehicle with a 3 point seat belt.

The Kiddy 'Phoenixfix Pro 2' child car seat has received the top possible grades in the latest child car seat tests – ADAC has awarded the rating 'Very good' for a group 1 child car seat (9 to 18 kg, approx. 1 to 4 years old) for the first time – Stiftung Warentest also gave a judgement of 'Very good' – Touring Club Switzerland gave the rating 'Outstanding' for the first time – even the ÖAMTC confirmed the very good ratings with 'Very good'

Choice of Colour:

  • Black
  • Grey (Phantom)
  • Deep Red (Rumba)
  • Yellow (Sunshine)
  • Green (Apple or Forest)
  • Blue (Ocean)
  • Pink
  • Beige (Sand)

Kiddy is one of the best known manufacturers of children’s car seats in Germany with over 30 years experience in the industry. The ‘Kiddy’ brand embodies tradition, innovation and an international outlook. The result of this combination is fantastic product intelligence, exciting innovation in design and a presence in over forty countries around the world.

The original business produced floor mats and seat covers for the car industry, for manufacturers including BMW and Renault. When the company presented the first ever children’s car seat, the “Urkiddy”, to the Stiftung Warentest (the well-respected German independent consumer organisation), it became an immediate test winner, which drove Kiddy to where it is today.

Kiddy is one of the few manufacturers who places special emphasis on the impact shield system in its children’s car seats, both as a pioneer and successful market leader. With impact shield technology, Kiddy has won much acclaim by producing the best car seats of their class at Stiftung Warentest in recent years (kiddy infinity pro 2007, kiddy comfort pro 2008, kiddy energy pro 2010 und kiddy guardian pro 2010)

The advantage of this Impact Shield system is in the event of a head-on collision, a child is kept in the seat better and thus protected from serious head and neck injuries. In addition, hi-tech energy-absorbing cushioning materials in the head and shoulder areas provide the best possible protection from the side too. The newly developed Kiddy shock absorber (KSA) is the latest safety element from kiddy. For older children the KSA is able, in the event of an accident, to absorb the energy acting on the seatbelt by deforming, just like a kind of “crumple zone” for car seats.

Kiddy car seats can be found in almost all European countries and in Asia, and will soon also be available in the USA.

There are three key elements that come together in all Kiddy products, the highest safety standards are combined with comfort for the child and parents. Both car seats and strollers are available in a range of colours and often in particular themes. 


Kiddy are continually improving their car seats relying on many years of experience and ongoing state-of-the-art research.  Through innovations and new developments from the original Kiddy impact shield through to the new kiddy shock absorber, to the use of high-tech materials such as Honey Comb V2, their children’s car seats are getting safer and safer. That's why Kiddy are regularly crowned test winners at the Stiftung Warentest, the German independent testing organisation that German’s wouldn’t buy a car seat without! –equivalent to Which? consumer magazine in the UK.


Kiddy seats make children and adults happy. Every aspect of each design from the shape, the fabric, the fitting and accessories combines to make travelling by car as enjoyable and safe as possible.
The ease of fitting and removal, plus the quick adjustment and light weight lets parents and grandparents relax with the children, irrespective of the car they use. The Seat covers supplied in most models can be machine washed at 30°C. Dry dirt can easily be wiped off with a damp cloth.


Whether you’re looking for an aesthetic eye-catcher, something more subtle or simply have a personal favourite, Kiddy has come up with a range of fabrics to help. Their standard range is both comfortable, breathable yet is also durable - in keeping with the expected life spans of the seats.

As car seats are a legal requirement until your child is either age 12, or 135cm tall, you will need one to get your new baby home from the hospital- as some may not discharge you without one- it is likely to be one of the first important items you purchase. Your child's safety is paramount and only EU-approved seats or boosters can be used in the UK, it is also highly recommended that you do not buy car seats second hand as you cannot guarantee they have not had invisible damage in an accident.

Making sure a car seat is fitted correctly is key to ensuring that there is no forward or sideways motion. Many cars made since 2002 have the ISOFIX system, with built in mounting points that are safer than securing a seat with the adult seat belt. Rear-facing seats must NOT be fitted to a seat with an enabled front airbag; it must either be deactivated manually or automatically first to prevent the child car seat from being knocked. It is always best to first consult your car's documentation regarding deactivating airbags, and to make sure the seat is as far back as possible. Remember to consider that there may be multiple cars you wish to use your child's car seat in, and to check compatibility for all of them- as not all car seats fit all cars!

If a child's eye-line is in line with, or above the top of the seat then they have outgrown the seat, which is why it is important to consider a child's weight and height, rather than age guidelines.


There are standard groups for different types of car seats, as defined by European regulations, in relation to the child's weight rather than age.

Group 0/0+
Rear Facing - Birth to 13kg

Car seats in group 0+ are suitable from birth as they are rear facing. They have their own straps or harness for securing the child, and you use either the car's adult seat belt or the ISOFIX system if the car and seat are both compatible. Options to consider in a Group 0+ car seat are multi-recline positions, or side impact shields. Group 0+ car seats can often be used as a rocker, and some even fit on pushchair frames.

Group 0+/1
Rear & Forward Facing (Birth to 18kg)

Group 0+/1 Car Seats provide a solution from your childs day one up to the age of approximately 4 years of age. They are rear facing up to around 9 months of age, and then can either continue to be used in a rear facing orientation (the safest for your child) or can be rotated to be used as forward facing seat.

Group 1
Forward Facing - 9kg to 18kg (Approx. 9 months to 4 years)

This type of car seat is for when your child has definitely outgrown the rear facing seats. Again, one still needs to consider keeping the car seat as far away from the airbag as possible, but it does not need to be deactivated. Some car seats in this group can be rear facing, it is not necessary after outgrowing a Group 0+ seat, but as it spreads the force of a collision over a great area, lessening any potential harm it is highly recommended that you have a rear facing car seat for as long as possible. Features to consider for this group of seat are whether they use a harness or an impact shield for securing your child. There is an 'in between' group of 0+/1 seats, which means you only need to buy one initial seat but these are unlikely to be compatible with a pushchair travel system.

Group 2/3
Forward Facing - 15kg to 36kg

The next level of seat is the Group 2/3, which do not have their own harness or straps as they use the adult seatbelt, which can also be used to hold the chair in place if you do not use the ISOFIX system. They can have high backs, arm rests, multiple reclining positions and side head supports for added safety and comfort. Some models can be converted into a booster seat for children that weigh more than 36kg but have not reached 135cm.

Group 1/2/3
Forward Facing - 9kg to 36kg

The Group 1/2/3 car seats offer a great value for money, as they can be used for the longest period. You should use the straps or harness for the 9 to 18kg stage, before switching to the car's adult seat belt for over 18kg. The adult seat belt would also be used to secure the car seat, or the ISOFIX system if both the seat model and car are compatible. Many Group 1/2/3 car seats have side impact shields, as well as the potential of other features such as armrests, multi recline positions, or integrated cup holders. Some models, like the group 2/3 seats, may even convert into a booster seat.

Booster Seats (Group 2/3)

If your child weighs more than 36kg but has not reached the height requirement of 135cm then they must legally use a booster seat to be able to have the adult seat belt positioned safely.
Remember that no matter how good a car seat is, if it’s not fitted correctly won’t be as safe for your child. It’s best to get acquainted with your car seat’s fitting instructions, and always keep these general tips in mind:

The harness should be so firm that you aren’t able to get more than two fingers between it and your child’s chest. Make sure that the harness or seatbelt is free of twists and that the seatbelt buckle isn’t resting on the seat. Check that headrests aren’t interfering with any forward facing seats.

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Group 1 Child Seat
Fits 9-18Kg
Approx 9 Months To 4 Years
Developed From Years Of Kiddy Car Seat Experience
Choice Of Colour
Group 1 With Impact Shield Technology
Installs Using ISOFIX or 3 Point Seat Belt
Great Quality Fabrics
Highly Comfortable
Excellent Scores In Stringent Testing
Lead Time & Availability
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From £179.99
Free with Kiddy Phoenixfix Pro 2 Group 1 Isofix Child Car Seat
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